Here is What You'll Learn?

  1. How to prescribe menopause hormone therapy for women in perimenopause and menopause.
  2. How to offer and prescribe medical weight loss.
  3. The basics of sex counseling

Here is What You'll Get?

  1. Charting templates to save you time.
  2. Patient resources and toolbox for each section all editable and able to be branded for your practice.
  3. Pre-recorded content with detailed instruction on weight loss, menopause, and sexual health.
  4. Live calls to help you apply what you learn.
  5. A private Facebook group


Zoom Sessions, 1.5 hours each at 730 pm EST

Session 1: 2/6/2024

Session 2: 2/13/2024

Session 3:2/27/2024

(if you cannot attend live the zoom will be recorded and posted in the teachable)

10 CE credits after the zoom zooms are complete


Learn What is Inside this Program!

11. How to talk about menopause with your healthcare provider

Dr. Heather Quaile

A double board-certified, women’s and gender health nurse practitioner and advanced forensic nurse, serial entrepreneur, menopause practitioner, AASECT certified sex counselor with specialty training in female sexual medicine.

Inspired by the modern-day woman, I set out to improve the healthcare experience.

Drawing from over two decades of women’s healthcare experience, I set out to bridge the gap that exists in women’s health by focusing my integrative practice on the health and wellness needs of women of all ages and empowering them to take charge of their lives. I want to help you do the same!

What will you learn from me?

I've been been working in all aspects of women’s healthcare for over 23 years caring for women of all ages across the health-illness continuum. My expertise includes peri/menopausal concerns, female sexual health, wellness and optimization and business and entrepreneurship.

I've built my clinical knowledge and expertise over the years with:

Multiple conferences

Certification exams

Running webinars, staring a podcast, being on multiple board of directors positions (NPWH, ISSWSH), widely published in the field of women’s health. Multiple lectures to international, national, and local audiences.

Over 23 years of hands-on patient experience as well as starting my own clinical practice!

I've treated thousands of women for perimenopause and menopause, sexual health, wellness and optimization and want to help you do the same!

I believe we need to live by the golden rule and I want to pass all the knowledge and expertise I've gained over the years so that we can help your patients be their best selves! 



I think for most healthcare providers, the thought of starting a business seems insurmountable. We weren't trained on this. Heather's experience as both and entrepreneur and clinician are priceless. Each time you think you've figured out the latest roadblock, another will surely pop up, but Heather's guidance will turn that giant sink hole into a tiny speed bump. I can't imagine starting a comprehensive women's healthcare business without her.

Andrea M., NP, Pennsylvania

As a former clinical student of Dr. Heather Quaile I can personally attest to her knowledge, focus, skill. And passion for healthcare. She is sharp and logical yet calming and caring. Dr. Quaile is active in promoting healthcare in our government and around our community, as well as pushing any stigma away from gender and sexual health.

Kiersten D, NP, Georgia

Any clinician who has the privilege of participating in Heather's business and clinical mentorship program for nurse practitioners will find it to be truly transformative. The program provides invaluable insights into both the clinical and entrepreneurial aspects of NP practice. The mentorship and guidance you will receive will be instrumental in boosting your confidence, expanding your clinical knowledge, and successfully navigating the business side of healthcare, I highly recommend this program, to any nurse practitioner looking to excel in their field and achieve there professional goals.

Jackie G., New York

As a nurse practitioner student, I had the opportunity to complete a clinical rotation with Heather serving as my preceptor. Heather’s passion for education is evident through her teaching style. My education was an observable priority to her, as she constantly supplied me with the latest educational resources, explained items in a simplistic way, and answered all of my (many!) questions. Heather’s passion for women’s health and dedication to her patients’ success and wellbeing is palpable. I hope to someday model her same positive energy, passion, and leadership!

Hannah V, NP, Ohio

Heather is an incredibly selfless preceptor and goes above and beyond to teach her students. Not only did she prove to be an amazing preceptor, but she has taken the role of my mentor and friend! She is very thorough with each of her patients and got a complete background of their medical history and their current symptoms/concerns. She would take the time to explain everything to her patients and allow them to ask any questions they may have had. Often times, patients would report that no medical provider had ever asked these questions before or delved this deep into their medical/sexual history. After the appointment concluded, Heather would allow me to ask questions about the appointment and have her further explain some of her reasoning and decision making. It was an unbelievable learning experience that I will use with me in my future practice. She has been a guiding hand for me throughout the job search process. She has helped improve my resume, look over cover letters, write job references, and talk me through tough decisions when it came to accepting a job. I had no idea the impact that Heather would have on my career when I took my clinical rotation with her. She has proved to be an exceptional preceptor, educator, and mentor. Her passion for women’s health and educating future clinicians allows her to excel as a preceptor.

Caroline L., NP, Tennessee

I am finally a Family Medicine Physician who took Dr. Quaile's sexual health course. I absolutely loved it! This course opened my eyes to how to truly be a champion for sexual wellness. I highly recommend this course to anyone and everyone in medicine, not just physicians.

Chinomnso E., MD, Georgia